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          發布時間:2022-11-01 作者:安徽成考網 http://www.cdjnkj.com.cn 點擊:

          你(Li Yuan)給你的朋友(Jane)寫封信,邀請她參加你的生日聚會。

          Dear Jane,

          My parents are going to hold a birthday partyfor me at 13:00 on May 29th ( Sunday ) at home.Will you be free and come to my party? I'll be veryhappy if you are.Besides,Tom,May and someother classmates are coming too.

          You may take bus No.2 to Qing Street andwalk straight about 20 meters.There you'll see adrug store.At the corner of it, turn right and getinto a very narrow path and look for Beijing No.10.

          That's my home. We'll wait for you there.Please call me before the date, if you can not come.

          l can't wait for the get-together.

          Li Yuan

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